Amazing New "A Better Bounce Card" Flash Diffuser

Professional Looking Flash Images Fast and Easy!

Look How Different Harsh Direct Flash Is
Compared To Soft Diffused Flash From The ABBC Flash Diffuser!



The light output is larger and the new ABBC Flash Diffusers are designed to go on the flash the narrow way with no light loss. This gives you instant portrait/landscape camera orientation on tap all the time! Light goes in TWO directions from ONE light source.

First: Light goes straight up and diffused light bounces down.
Second: Light bounces off the ABBC surface, gets diffused and fires forward!

Two light directions from one light source! Upward & Forward!



Putting the ABBC Flash Diffuser on the flash the narrow way gives you the added advantage of instant vertical or horizontal camera orientation providing nice soft almost “soft-box umbrella” beauty lighting for all your camera flash photography.

The ABBC has beautiful looking professionally die cut smooth round edges to give it a luxurious look and a built-in look and feel. Nothing looks out of place or attracts attention to you here.

The ABBC is light as a feather - but works LIKE A BOSS!

The new ABBC comes in 3 sizes, a SMALL stealth diffuser, a LARGE all purpose diffuser, and a really big EXTRA-LARGE diffuser.
We also have the all black Eye-Shield for "foofing, to bounce the light while protecting and shielding the eyes of the people around you for easy portrait bounce diffused lighting from your hot-shoe speedlites.



The ABBC Flash Diffuser comes in 2 versions - Version 2.0 and Version 3.0

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ABBC Version 2.0
Is made of poly-foam on the front side and backside. The front side is white to reflect the light, and the back side is a nice looking matte black to give a professional look. The matte black backside also blocks the flash from hitting the eyes of the folks around you. The weight is less than an ounce. Is intentionally soft so your equipment does not get damaged if you bump or hit anyone or anything with the diffuser - it bends easy, saving you possible equipment repair.

ABBC Version 3.0
The reflective material is what is different! The v3 is the same as the v2 but the white reflective material is a cooler white kelvin temp - more inline with the color temperature of your flash when it fires. The ABBC v3.0 is also more resistant to being torn because the white side uses a tougher tear-resistant style bright white material.

Select the sizes you use the most! You can get 2 or more of the same, or mix up the sizes you want!
There are no restrictions on the size choices, mix and match as you like from the list in your cart!

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"My name is Peter Gregg. I have been a professional photographer since the 80's. I use the ABBC version 2.0 flash diffuser as my main diffuser along with the All-Black Eye Shield as my main source of lighting for weddings, portraits, and other events. I suggest you start with the ABBC version 2.0 with the 3 or 4 package. The 3 package allows you all 3 sizes on hand all the time. The 4 package allows you to have all 3 PLUS add my favorite powerful tool - the All Black Eye Shield!"

SMALL    ABBC v2 Small     



A Better Bounce Card SMALL, MEDIUM, & EXTRA-LARGE properly mounted to your hot shoe flash unit (flash not included).


EYE-SHIELD      ABBC Eye-Shield

 All Black Eye-Shield - Protects the eyes of people when you aim your flash at strange angles for bouncing the light (flash unit not included).


 The last 2 pictures are the ABBC All Black Eye-Shield (No-Flash-In-Eyes) Are you a pro or high end hobbyist that likes to bounce his camera's hot shoe flash on walls, columns, furniture – anything that will bounce flash?? Do people hate it when you flash in their eyes?? The ABBC Eye-Shield will solve that problem for you! 

The ABBC Eye-Shield is designed so you can flash just about everywhere except straight on and the professional black shield will protect the eyes of the people in the direct line of fire of your camera's hot shoe flash. 

Both the front AND back are professional mat black so you are free to aim and shoot. Usually, this unit is mounted the WIDE way on your camera's hot shoe flash unit giving you the freedom to spin the flash exactly where you want to send the power of your flashes light – without hitting everyone in the eye with your flash. Remember – NO-Flash-IN-THE-EYES Eye-Shield !!! Includes the ABBC velcro belt for easy on and off.

*Velcro belt has been updated from images on all these pages to a new "stretch" material with no buckle. It has also been changed to a slimmer 5/8" width from a 1 inch width to open easier. No - you cannot hang your camera, flash and lens in the air from the ABBC Flash Diffuser - don't buy your flash diffuser that way - this looks light and simple - but works like a BOSS!


The Beautiful Soft Light Of Images Made With A Better Bounce Card Flash Diffuser
and the All Black Eye-Shield (for bouncing light & protecting eyes from flash bursts)












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 All Images © Peter Gregg - Do not reproduce or display in print or on the internet without written prior consent.

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Product sizes at the widest point (they taper):
ABBC EXTRA LARGE: 7 3/4" Wide x 9 1/4" Tall
ABBC Flash Diffuser LARGE: 6" Wide x 5 7/8 Tall
ABBC Flash Diffuser SMALL: 5 1/4" Wide x 5 7/8" Tall