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A Better White Balance - the easy way to white balance your images and videos
Product Description:
The A Better White Balance comes in 2 sizes. Small, for point and shoot and most prime lenses, and Large, for 24-70 to 70-200mm lenses.
Product Information:
ABetterWhiteBalance - Peter's Best White Balance Tool
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A Better White Balance is simple. Take the part that actually does the white balance and that is it! None of all the fancy stuff that makes it expensive or bulky. Just straight to the point, white balance that fits in your pocket.

Are you giving up quality and accuracy just for simplicity sake? Actually, it is just the opposite. This is the best material I have ever found to give the lovely and easy white balance I have been seeking for years. I have been using this same material in my own work for quite a while now.

The secret recipe is a VERY flat white color balance, VERY high diffusion to suck up all the colors in your environment, and a VERY high translucency. What does this mean in real life?? You can get accurate color balance easier and in darker environments than ever before. It is a very simple tool. And it simply works!

No compromises, no bulk, no lanyards to hang around your neck, no globes, no high prices for a simple tool that does its job and does it well.

The SMALL size is for point and shoot cameras. The LARGE size is for the larger DSLR lenses like the 24-70 and larger. Most of the m4/3 lenses only need the SMALL size.

Both sizes are the identical secret material and one is just bigger. The material I use is not a trick or a joke, it just simply works to achieve the best white balance possible for skin, landscape, and best of all - for your videos. YouTube content creators ask me for this white balance tool all the time!!! A Better White Balance is NOT from the photographic industry! It is used heavily in another industry. Yet it gives easy lovely broadcast quality white balance in a heartbeat. It is my secret to getting WOW color balance and use it in my own YouTube videos! I made more, so you can have one too.
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A Better White Balance - SMALL $19.99
A Better White Balance - LARGE $26.99
A Better White Balance - BOTH $34.99
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A Better Bounce Card - Peter's flash diffuser. Simple, but one of the best!
SMALL = 70mm / LARGE = 95mm
SMALL = 2.75" / LARGE = 3.75"
SMALL = 70mm / LARGE = 95mm
SMALL = 2.75" / LARGE = 3.75"
SMALL = 70mm / LARGE = 95mm
SMALL = 2.75" / LARGE = 3.75"