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Haw are these pictures lit up so well
Flash Fires upward
Flash fires forward
Flash Fires upward, flash fires forward
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ALL 3 Package DEAL - ONLY $30
A Better Bounce Card ZIPPY
Get All 3 Sizes - ONE LOW Price!
The light output is larger and the ABBC 2.0 Flash Diffusers are designed to go on the flash the the narrow way.*

Putting the ABBC 2.0 Flash Diffuser on the flash the narrow way gives you the added advantage of instant vertical or horizontal camera orientation providing nice soft almost “soft-box umbrella” beauty lighting for all your camera flash photography.
The ABBC 2.0 Flash Diffusers are really very light weight adding less than 2 ounces to your camera gear's weight. Today that is very important as gear gets quite heavy to carry after a while.

The ABBC is easy to store because it is so flat and light-weight taking very little space saving you valuable space in your bag for other accessories :)

The ABBC 2.0 comes in 3 sizes, a SMALL stealth diffuser, a LARGE all purpose diffuser, and a really big SUPER-LARGE diffuser. We also have the all black Eye-Shield for "foofing, and the StudioPro for easy portrait lighting from your speedlites.
The top has beautiful looking professionally die cut smooth round edges to give it a luxurious look and a built-in look and feel. Nothing looks out of place or attracts attention here.
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A Better Bounce Card Flash Diffuser
• Can't decide what size flash diffuser to get?
Easy solution - get all 3 size diffusers at one low price!!!!
• Does not block or interfere with your autofocus light.
A great affordable flash diffuser!
• Make your flash pictures look beautiful and look like a pro!
Now fire light both up AND forward, 2 lights from one!
• Pro looking
black matte polyfoam back side, super white polyfoam front side.
Built In Velcro Belt on each ABBC flash diffuser. No stickies.
• Make Your Hot Shoe Flash Act Like A Big Soft Glow Flash Source!
Stays on tight will not slip off.
• ABBC Version 2.0
camera or flash not included

A Better Bounce Card Version 2.0
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Small Stealth Size - 3.5 inches
Large Regular Size - 5.5 inches
Super-Large Size - 8.5 inches
Peter's ABBC VERSION 2.0 Flash Diffuser (New Style 2015 Version)
All 3 Sizes - 1 Low Price
Peter Gregg's Flash Diffuser Version 2.0!
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A Better Bounce Card Version 3.0
*New 2015 Model Now Shipping !
*NOW UPDATED- Please note the design has been updated to the v3.0 shapes for wider light coverage.
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ABBC Version 2.0 SMALL
ABBC Version 2.0 LARGE
ABBC Flash Diffuser VERSION 2.0
We Ship USA and International
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What is the difference between ABBC Flash Diffuser Version 2.0 and ABBC Flash Diffuser 3.0?

The "A Better Bounce Card" v2.0 and v3.0 Flash Diffusers are:

Same shape and sizes.
Professionally Die Cut.
Have integrated Velcro belts (attach independentally, just strap them onto your hot shoe flash).
Are super light-weight, adding almost no weight to your camera and flash.
Have pro matte black polyfoam backsides. Looks professional, no light fires to the back.

ABBC v2.0:
Is constructed from craft polyfoam.
White poly on front side, black poly on back side.
A great flash diffuser for normal flash diffusion similar to the rest of the flash diffusers on the market.

ABBC v3.0:
Uses the same back side material as the 2.0.
The front reflective material is totally different.
The ABBC 3.0 front has higher reflectivity.
Has a higher Kelvin color tempurature surface, much closer to what the cameras are programmed to expect from their native flash units, and is a tougher material.

General notes:
All flash diffusers, including the ABBC 2.0, introduce an added color to the flash diffuser materials in some way. Whatever the materiel, plastics or otherwise, change the color of the flash while the camera is thinking it is getting one color but gets another. The ABBC Version 2.0 works very successfully and we have sold it for years.

The ABBC Version 3.0 is designed to be significantly more precise in the actual color of the flash that is diffused. Both versions work very well, giving good soft lighting results when used properly. Both versions come with their own velcro belts built into the flash diffuser itself, it is ready to use, no added work or accessories are needed other than to strap them onto your hot shoe flash accessory. The ABBC 3.0 is black polyfoam on the back and a unique "movie screen" super-white type tough film on the front. The ABBC 2.0 is black polyfoam on the back and white polyfoam on the front. Both have a built in Velcro belt to put them on and hold them onto a hotshoe flash. Both are specifically designed to be very light-weight to avoid fatigue when working with a flash on your camera for long periods of time.
*Velcro belt has been updated from images on all these pages to a new "stretch" material with no buckle. It has also been changed to a slimmer 5/8" width from a 1 inch width.
*Velcro belt has been updated from images on all these pages to a new "stretch" material with no buckle. It has also been changed to a slimmer 5/8" width from a 1 inch width on all our products except the StudioPro.