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$30 ABBC Version 2 - Now called Zippy. Special Deal.
Get all 3 sizes, Small, Large, & Super Large
$45.99 ABBC Version 3 - Special Deal.
Get all 3 sizes, Small, Large, & Extra-Large
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Can't decide what size flash diffuser to get?
Sometimes it is hard to pick just the right size flash diffuser to get. I understand :)

As owner of the company, in my photography work I carry ALL 3 SIZES with me! Being a photographer I understand it is better to be over-prepared rather than UNDER-PREPARED.

I have created 2 very special basically un-advertized specials to help my "buddies" that always approach me when I am working a wedding or other photo session. I am sharing these specials here for my online friends too.

You don't have to choose just one size. For ABBC version 3.0, you can get all 3 sizes for just about $5 more than ordering just the $39.99 Extra-Large ABBC 3.0 alone. I highly recommend this package as not only a special savings, but you always have all 3 sizes with you for any situation you may find yourself in.

ABBC version 2.0 (also called the "Zippy") is the same as ABBC 3.0 but the materials and style are different. It works almost as well but is a lot cheaper.
I HIGHLY recommend getting ALL 3 SIZES of the ABBC version 2.0 as your first purchase!!!!! You will have all 3 sizes on hand and never have to wonder if you got the right size. The basic difference is ABBC version 2 will rip if treated roughly and verson 3.0 will not, and the reflective surface is a whiter white. I personally still use the ABBC version 2.0 the MOST in my own photo sessions and weddings. The price is low enough to have all 3, and if they need replacing down the road, you don't mind getting fresh ones.
Peter Says-
Peter's Secret Weapon - BUY ALL 3 SIZES - ONE LOW PRICE !!!!