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Our Most Asked Questions
Which ABBC should I get?

I get asked this question all the time. The answer depends on some of the priorities the photographer has on his/her mind. If the most important thing is to be as "unseen" as possible, being stealth and moving around to get candid shots un-noticed, the ABBC 3.0 SMALL is your diffuser. If you can stay within its limits it works awesome! What are the limits? The ABBC SMALL is great in a home type environment. This doesn't mean you have to use it at the house only though. An eatery or an environment that would mimic a home environment is what you are looking for.

The ABBC 3.0 LARGE is the most popular size of all of the diffusers. it gives out a LOT of soft light and it balances between being too small and being too big. it is a great place to start.

If you are going to shoot in a "bat cave" type of environment - meaning very little light is available and very little (if any) bouncing is available, the the ABBC 3.0 EXTRA-LARGE is your answer. I use the EXTRA-LARGE outdoors at night or in huge high ceiling type places.

If you have a hard time choosing, look at the Coupons and Special Deal page (link at the top) to see some of my package deals including the one I recommend the most.

The A Better Bounce Card Version 2 has also been brought back because a lot of folks asked for it. They specifically like the way it can form to any flash because it is all polyfoam construction and soft. It is one of the only flash diffusers that can't hurt anybody or hurt the equipment. It works as well as version 3 but is constructed with different materials. It is sold as a package of all 3 sizes so no decission has to be made to which size, you get all 3 sizes and you never have to choose which to buy.

Why are my pictures dark?

The answer will make you laugh - it is because there isn't enough light :)
Really though, the camera has a meter built into it and so does the flash. It (the camera) will do whatever it can within the restrictions placed on it to get the right exposure. if there simply isn't enough light, the picture will be dark. What you can do to help is the following: raise your ISO to start. Using a flash diffuser will "eat up" some of the light from the flash unit. it is just the nature of the beast. You have to help by letting the camera get enough light. Raising the ISO is one way. Using a faster lens, like an F/2.8 or F/1.8 lens instead of an F/3.5 to 5.6 lens will let a LOT more light into the camera. Most of the pictures I see that turn out dark simply have not let enough light into the camera to do a good picture. By raising the F stop and getting a faster lens or two you put everything into your favor.

The other reason pictures can be dark is something in the picture fooled the metering system. When i shoot wedding I automatically know the bride's white dress is going to tell the camera it has enough light way before it really does. if there is something really bright in the frame, the camera will think it is satisfied when it is not. You have to over-ride the camera by adding exposure compensation (yes, you have to read the manual to learn how to do it- lol) to about a plus 1.

Do I really have to put the ABBC flash diffuser on the narrow side of the flash?

I get that question a lot. it actually feels un-natural and the instinct is to mount the ABBC 3.0 flash diffuser on the wide side of the flash. Nope - don't do it :)

I have done lots of tests and it doesn't matter. by using the narrow side of your flash unit you gain the instant ability to turn the camera to portrait or landscape in a heartbeat without any delay.

What is the difference between A Better Bounce Card 3.0 and the new Zippy Get-All-3-Sizes?

The new Zippy "Buy all 3 in one package" gives you the SMALL, LARGE, and SUPER LARGE in one package. It is basically version 2 of A Better Bounce Card brought back to life. In the office we call them the soft one or the hard one. And that basically is what they are about. the version 3 is our newest one. We made the color temp higher and the brightness greater without sacrificing diffusion (didn't make it a harder light). In order to do this, we had to go to a harder material but it also gave us a bonus of being a tougher non-tearing product. The version 2 is all polyfoam, front and back. The back is black matte just like the version 3, but the front is polyfoam reflective white. The great features of the version 2 is the fact it can bump, tap, bang into people and things and not hurt either the object but also will not hurt the people - especially kids. Light output is similar, with the version 3 having more light output because of its new surface.

Another bonus of the version 2 is the cost. The material is so much lower in cost than version 3 that I had them die-cut in sets selling all 3 sizes together in one package. This means you don't have to worry about which size to get and have the luxury of having all 3 sizes on hand in your camera bag at all times. You can say version 3 has higher light quality, more light output, and is more durable at a higher cost. Verson 2 is similar giving you all 3 sizes, a softer product around people, requires gentle care like a lens or filter, but at a much lower cost.

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