A Better Bounce Card Flash Diffuser StudioPro
A Better Bounce Card Flash Diffuser LARGE
A Better Bounce Card Flash Diffuser EYE-SHIELD
A Better Bounce Card Flash Diffuser EXTRA-LARGE
A Better Bounce Card Flash Diffuser SMALL
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$29.99 A Better Bounce Card LARGE (approx 5.5 x 5.5)
$39.99 A Better Bounce Card EXTRA-LARGE (approx 8.5 x 8)
$22.99 A Better Bounce Card SMALL (approx 3.5 x 4)
$19.99 A Better Bounce Card Eye-Shield (approx 5 x 5)
$58.99 A Better Bounce Card StudioPro (approx 12 x 13)
$27.99 A Better Bounce Card ULTIMATE (approx 4.5 x 3.5)
*The Top Three! - $83 The "Top Three" Package includes:

1 ABBC 3.0 3.0 EXTRA-LARGE Flash Diffuser
1 ABBC 3.0 LARGE Flash Diffuser
1 ABBC 2.0 Ultimate Bounce Card Flash Diffuser

Buy the New ABBC 3.0 EXTRA-LARGE PLUS the New ABBC 3.0 LARGE PLUS the ABBC Ultimate for only $83
*Triple Package (Eye-Shield Edition)

Includes 3 products for special price of $60.

Included in this sale are:

1 New ABBC 3.0 Large Flash Diffuser
1 Ultimate Bounce Card 2.0 Flash Diffuser
1 ABBC all black Eye-Shield (No-Flash-In-Eyes)

The Triple Package – Eye-Shield Edition is $60
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