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It is our way of saying THANKS to our long term friends!
Why do we do this?
Get private sale pricing, coupons, teaching video, or tips and tricks for FREE!
The savings are real. Some stores sell our products too and we don't want to publicly publish lower sale prices. So we ask you to become our partner for free and our private partners receive really special prices.
What deals and specials do you have?
Every week (almost) I send a special partner email with the special for the week. Sometimes it's a coupon for a product, sometimes a new product, most of the time it is a private sale price on a current product.
Does anyone else get my email address?
No way! I dislike spam as much as you – your email address is never given over to anyone else. I may email you something from another company I find appealing, but they never get your email address. If you want to receive email from them directly you need to sign up to their email list separately from my list. I take email privacy seriously, what goes on here – stays here :)
Can I get off your email list Peter?
Inside every email there will be an unsubscribe link. If you want to divorce me and say goodbye you will break my heart, but I won' stop you from going :) If you accidentally hit the spam button on your email software though, it won't unsubscribe you as we will not get notified to take you off. Simply and easily just use the unsubscribe link and the software automatically will remove your name from the active email list. Please don't leave though, you being a partner is something I appreciate.
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